What is Gynaecomastia Surgery?

Gynaecomastia is a condition causing enlargement of the breast tissues in men. The condition is normally caused by medication like anabolic steroids, estrogen derivatives, herbal and growth supplements, alcohol abuse, liver failure, renal failure, obesity, hormonal imbalance.

Gynaecomastia can either happen right after birth, during puberty, or during the late 40s or 50s in men. Since estrogen is a dominant female hormone meant for controlling the female physical traits, the increased levels of the same in men results in the swelling in the breast tissues.

The surgical procedure that helps reduce the enlargement and restore the natural chest shape in men is known as the Gynaecomastia surgery. It flattens the chest and restores the natural chest contours in the body.

The gynaecomastia surgery success rate is quite high in India, making it an extremely common procedure in the country.

Types of Gynaecomastia Surgery

If the enlargement of the breasts becomes bothersome for the patient, the surgeon generally advises undergoing a surgical procedure .There are many kind of gynaecomastia surgery in Delhi, depending upon the grade of gyanecomastia like only gland removal, Liposuction and gland removal, Vaser liposuction, Skin lift with liposuction and gland removal

Liposuction - this is a non-conventional form of surgery that removes the excess breast fat in men with enlarged breasts. This procedure doesn’t remove the breast tissues but only extracts the fat.

Gland removal- this is a surgical procedure that involves the removal of the breast gland tissue in men. It involves small incisions that are done on the lower border of areola. It removes the glandular breast tissues with precision.

Undergo the Best Gynaecomastia Surgery at Anaysha Aesthetics in Delhi

Dr Shivani Atri Singh offers the best information on gynaecomastia surgery cost in Delhi. Gynaecomastia surgery, also known as male breast reduction, is the correction of enlarged breasts in men surgically. Enlarged breasts in men can cause untold misery and embarrassment.

At Anaysha Aesthetics, we offer customised treatment plans for gynaecomastia. Nowadays, many men suffer from this condition. Undergoing male breast reduction surgery can offer a permanent solution to gynaecomastia.

By undergoing gynaecomastia surgery at our clinic, you can regain your confidence. More men are seeking gynaecomastia surgery to get a lean and masculine upper body.

The gynaecomastia procedure typically involves liposuction and excisions to decrease excess skin. You can consult us to get complete information on gynaecomastia surgery.

Reasons behind Enlarged Breasts in Men

At Anaysha Aesthetics, we always believe in offering complete information to our patients. Some of the common causes of gynaecomastia are as follows:

  • Hormonal changes
  • Imbalances in androgen
  • Chronic illnesses
  • HIV infections
  • Decreased levels of testosterone
  • Obesity and fluctuations in weight
  • Increased levels of estrogen

You will get relevant and detailed information on gynaecomastia surgery costs in Delhi by consulting with us.

Things to Expect during the Gynaecomastia Surgery at our Clinic

In some cases, Dr Shivani Atri Singh will rely on liposuction to eliminate breast tissue. We will insert fine hoses through small incisions to eliminate fat. On the contrary, if you have excess fat, skin, and tissue, we may recommend excision.

If the need arises, Dr Singh will also reposition your nipple and areola during the procedure. In most cases, you may need a combination of liposuction and excision techniques. We will suggest the best technique that’s ideal for you.

Note that both these techniques require general anaesthesia. It is a daycare procedure and doesn’t need you to stay at our clinic overnight. It is crucial that friends or family members accompany you to our clinic.

Recovering after a Gynaecomastia Surgery- Things to Know

You can expect to feel a bit sore during the first few days. Within a week, your discomfort levels will gradually fade. However, note that you can resume working only after two weeks. While healing, you should stick to Dr Shivani Atri Singh’s aftercare instructions.

It is crucial not to lift any heavy objects or practise strenuous exercises. Usually, it takes about four to six months to see positive results after the surgery. The results of gynaecomastia surgery are permanent. However, adhering to our instructions after the surgery is necessary to recuperate faster.

Why Do You Need to Undergo Gynaecomastia Surgery?

Here are some reasons to undergo Gynaecomastia surgery at Anaysha Aesthetics.

  • You are suffering from low levels of self-esteem
  • You cannot wear tight-fitting outfits
  • You cannot go shirtless

With gynaecomastia surgery at our clinic, you can flaunt a toned and lean upper body. We offer complete information on gynaecomastia surgery at our clinic. For more information on gynaecomastia surgery costs in Delhi, consult with us today.

When is Gynaecomastia Surgery required?

Gynaecomastia Surgery is suggested to men who face issues because of the condition in their daily life. If the enlarged breast is affecting your self-confidence, it is necessary that you consult a surgeon about the same.

Even though the surgery takes around 1 to 2 hours, it is necessary for the individual to prepare themselves physically and mentally before undergoing the procedure.


Every 1 out of 4 men is affected by gynaecomastia (enlarged breast). The condition is not usually considered severe or harmful but can mentally affect a person. Men with enlarged breasts at times feel embarrassed and conscious of their appearance. This has a psychological effect as well. Thus, undergoing gynaecomastia surgery will help the man overcome their embarrassment and get their perfect body shape.

Thus there are multiple benefits of gynaecomastia surgery; some of them have been mentioned below:

  • Enhance Your Confidence and Self-Esteem
  • Slim Down to a Healthier Weight
  • Develop a More Masculine Figure
  • Improve Your Posture
  • Enjoy More Clothing Options
  • Alleviate Back Pain
  • Be Comfortable During the Procedure
  • Participate in More Physical Activities such as running, exercising, swimming, and others.

Procedure of Gynaecomastia Surgery

Depending on the type of surgery you choose, the surgical procedure requires someone professional to get the surgery done. It generally involves following steps.

Anesthesia - since this is a surgical procedure involving needles and scalpels, numbing the area of surgery is important. Thus, the first step to the surgery is anesthesia. It could either involve local anesthesia, intravenous sedation or general anesthesia, depending on what the surgeon deems best for you after assessing your grade of gyanecomastia.

Infiltration - in this fluid containing anaesthetic agent is infiltrated using cannula.

Liposuction - if the patient chooses liposuction, a cannula is inserted under the chest skin via a small incision. The cannula moves in to and fro motion to loosen the accumulated fats around the region, which is then extracted out of the breast tissues via a vacuum.

Gland Excision - It involves complete removal of the glandular breast tissues along with the excess skin wherever required to restore a uniform shape and size of the chest. The incision patterns depend on the kind of restoration that the man wants to undergo.


With advancements in the medical field and technology improvement, Gynaecomastia surgery is gaining immense popularity globally. But compared to the global counterparts, the gynaecomastia surgery cost in India is very affordable and ranges from INR 65,000 to INR 95,000.

The cost of the surgery, however, depends upon multiple factors such as:

  • The technology used
  • The requirement of the patient
  • The procedure followed
  • The surgeon performing the surgery.

To know more about the details of gynaecomastia surgery in Delhi, connect with ANAYSHA Aesthetics. At ANAYSHA Aesthetics, our professionals will help you achieve your dream body shape.

Recovery After Gynaecomastia Surgery

The recovery process after the Gynaecomastia Surgery in Delhi takes time. The swelling and pain often persist for the first three days, accompanied by a numbness around the area of the surgery.

Generally, the overall recovery takes up to 2 weeks, depending on the aftercare. Make sure that you avoid engaging in strenuous activities or heavy-lifting until complete recovery. Pressure garments need to be worn for 3-4 weeks

Moreover, take care of your incision and follow the steps that the doctor has advised. Eating a healthy diet significantly helps in the recovery process. Include more fruits and vegetables that can speed up the healing process, and help you feel better in no time at all.

Things to know before GYNAECOMASTIA

The procedure:

The very first thing that the men should know about is the procedure involved in gynaecomastia surgery. In this cosmetic surgical procedure, the physician assesses the anatomy to chalk out the surgery course. Depending upon the individual need, the surgery is planned. While doing the check-up, the following things are assessed:

  • Loose skin around the areolar
  • Excess fat
  • Too much breast tissue
  • Both breast tissue and fat

The risks:

After the gynaecomastia surgery, the men can witness the following side effects:

  • Numbness
  • Bruising at some part of the chest
  • Swelling
  • Pain and discomfort

However, one should also remember that such issues are temporary and usually subside within seven to fourteen days of the surgery. If you want to undergo gynaecomastia surgery, you should connect with ANAYSHA Aesthetics. ANAYSHA Aesthetics houses the best cosmetic surgeons and performs the best gynaecomastia surgery in Delhi.

Risk Factors in Gynaecomastia Surgery

The risks and the potential complications involved in the Gynaecomastia Surgery are minimal and can be treated with medications and proper after-care. Some of the complications include:

  • Anesthesia risks
  • Hematoma
  • Mild irregularities in breast contour and shape
  • Numbing sensation around the nipples and breast
  • Deep vein thrombosis
  • Seroma
  • Blood clots
  • Permanent Scarring
  • Mild infection at the incision
  • Inflammation and Pain

Why choose ANAYSHA Aesthetics?

At ANAYSHA Aesthetics, we are determined to improve our patient’s physical appearance. As a team, we work very hard to fulfill our motto of- “Make What's Good Even Better, discover a New You.” ANAYSHA Aestheticshouses state-of-the-art equipment and a group of experienced staff and professionals.

Surrounded by experts at ANAYSHA Aesthetics, we understand our patients’ bodies and help them plan out their course of treatment in the most affordable price ranges. For gynaecomastia surgery, ANAYSHA Aestheticsis considered the best. Our patients are always provided with the best.


Gynaecomastia surgery is not considered a complex surgical procedure, and after a week of the surgery, the person can return to their regular day-to-day routine. Light exercises can be resumed after two weeks of the cosmetic procedure. However, the patients are advised against doing strenuous activities for about four to six weeks after the surgery for the best results.

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