Tummy Tuck

What treatment can do for you?

  • Remove loose skin after weight loss and Pregnancy
  • Correct vertical separation of abdominal muscles
  • Supports results from core toning exercises
  • Help your stomach look flat and lean
  • Smooth stubborn belly bulges
  • Improves self confidence
  • Allows you to look best in whatever you are wearing.

All about Tummy Tuck surgery in Delhi

Do you wish to get rid of the extra fat that is left after losing a certain amount of weight? A tummy tuck is for you to provide a chance to lose that saggy fat. It is a cosmetic surgery procedure that an expert cosmetic or plastic surgeon does to remove excess fat, and the procedure is also known as Abdominoplasty. It is the best option for those who wish to improve the shape as well as the overall appearance of the abdominal area. Book your appointment at Anaysha Aesthetics to get in touch with Dr. Shivani Atri Singh, the best Aesthetic plastic surgeon in Delhi, to get tummy tuck surgery done and to attain the desired results. 

Tummy tuck surgery - best way to remove the excess fat or skin

Also known as Abdominoplasty, tummy tuck surgery helps to remove excess fat; however, it is a major surgery that not only assists in removing fat but also strengthens the muscles of the abdomen wall. If you wish to undergo this procedure, it is best to book a consultation with an expert plastic surgeon in Delhi to educate yourself before going for it. You must thoroughly analyze your situation and take optimum time before finalizing your decision. People go for abdominal surgery for many reasons : 

  • To shred fat post-pregnancy
  • To those who have extra stubborn fat
  • People who experience fluctuations in weight
  • People with poor skin elasticity 
  • Women who had cesarean surgery
  • People with abdominal surgery in the past
  • People who wish for aesthetic changes in their body
  • People with weak connective tissue in the abdomen

A tummy tuck is the best cosmetic procedure; when done by expert surgeons in Delhi, it will help remove loose excess fat, skin and also strengthen as well as tighten the weak muscles. Expert surgeons also combine tummy tuck procedures with other body contouring operations, like breast surgery, liposuction, etc. 

Types of Abdominoplasty or tummy tuck surgery in Delhi 

Full tummy tuck

It is the most common type of Abdominoplasty preferred by many because it focuses on the entire midsection. An expert surgeon will make two incisions during the surgery, one in the lower abdomen and the other around the navel. Scarring is evident but inconspicuous in this procedure as these sites help surgeons recover sagging skin from both the upper and lower abdomen. The method also helps to tighten the abdominal muscles vital to give a more toned midsection. Many benefit from full tummy tuck surgery because it is best for women post-pregnancy, people who have experienced significant weight loss and wish to change their body shape, and those who have changed due to genetics or ageing. 

Endoscopic tummy tuck 

It is a type of tummy tuck surgery done on patients with little abdominal fat, weakened muscles, and minimum loose skin. The procedure is done through a tiny camera attached to a tube inserted into the incision area. The process involves the latest scar and is usually for those who suffer from rectus diastasis. It is a disorder that affects abdominal muscle separation at the belly midline. 

Mini tummy tuck 

A mini tummy tuck is a common type of Abdominoplasty that focuses on the area of the tummy that lies below the navel. Expert plastic surgeons will make a single incision at the bikini line and will stretch the skin downwards to smooth and adjust the skin. This type of tummy tuck method is suitable for those who wish to have muscle tightening to correct a slight pooch. Also, it is best for women who want to correct the changes post-pregnancy.

What to do after tummy tuck surgery in Delhi?

Post tummy tuck surgery in Delhi, the patient will feel sore and tender in the abdomen for a few days. The surgeon will prescribe pain relief medicines to control pain, and some days of bed rest is required even if you return home the same day after surgery. It may take about two weeks to heal completely and to stand upright. Scars will age over time, and total recovery may take about six months or more. Post tummy tuck surgery, the abdominal contours will become firmer, flatter, and proportionate according to your weight and height. The results of tummy tuck surgery in Delhi are permanent, but it will not stop the development of ageing signs. A doctor will recommend you to eat healthy and exercise daily to maintain the effects of Abdominoplasty. After tummy tuck surgery, pregnancy and weight fluctuations can affect the final outcome. 

Precautions post tummy tuck surgery 

After tummy tuck surgery in Delhi, an expert plastic surgeon will advise you to follow certain precautions to recover soon:

  • Rest more for the first few days post-tummy tuck surgery
  • Eat light food during the recovery period post-surgery
  • Sleep with elevated head on pillows
  • Wear loose clothes to stay comfortable
  • Avoided smoking and drinking alcohol until completely healed
  • Walk slowly four to five times a day to prevent swelling and blood clots 
  • Never take any medication without discussing it with your surgeon
  • Avoid strenuous activities, weight lifting, etc.
  • Drink about eight to fifteen glasses of water a day to reduce constipation chances.

Who should not choose to undergo tummy tuck surgery? 

Women who are planning to conceive must avoid Abdominoplasty because the surgery will tighten their vertical muscles, and future pregnancies can separate these muscles again. Also, if you are losing weight, it is best to avoid the tummy tuck. The doctor will advise you first to lose weight, attain your weight loss goals, and be stabilized before undergoing a tummy tuck. Firstly, schedule your consultation with an expert surgeon to learn about the pros and cons of the tummy tuck procedure. Based on the medical evaluation, the surgeon will determine whether you are an ideal candidate for Abdominoplasty. Your doctor might also suggest you avoid taking some medications that may lead to complications during the surgery. You must stop smoking as well for many weeks before the tummy tuck surgery.

Why choose Anaysha Aesthetics for tummy tuck surgery? 

If you think that tummy tuck surgery is the best option for you to fulfil your aesthetic goals, book your appointment with Dr Shivani Atri Singh, an expert plastic surgeon at Anaysha Aesthetics in Delhi. She is a renowned plastic and cosmetic surgeon with about 13 years of experience. She specializes in all kinds of aesthetic procedures, including Abdominoplasty, rhinoplasty, liposuction, breast enhancement, body contouring, female genital rejuvenation, and many other types of medical facials. Your visit to Anaysha Aesthetics in Delhi will offer you customized treatment. The experts here will thoroughly examine your condition and will recommend the best and effective solution to ensure that you look great and fulfill your aesthetic goals. 

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