Posted By:DR SHIVANI ATRI On 31 May 2023
Breast Increase Surgery Cost in India: Navigating Options and Expenses

Breast increase surgery is the best way if you feel unsure about your appearance, as it is done to restore symmetry and enhance curves...

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Posted By:DR SHIVANI ATRI On 31 May 2023
10 Things To Know Before Tummy Tuck Surgery In Delhi

Do you want to reduce excess belly fat? If yes, then an affordable tummy tuck surgery is the perfecty. Excellent surgeons are available in Delhi now...

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Posted By:DR SHIVANI ATRI On 31 May 2023
How To Choose The Right Doctor For Breast Reduction In New Delhi- Make Your Decision Right Now

Breast reduction is a plastic surgery procedure. It works to reduce breast size. Moreover, by the process, surgeons remove the fat tissues and skin of the breasts.....

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Posted By:DR SHIVANI ATRI On 31 May 2023
Breast Augmentation Surgery In Delhi

Breast augmentation, also known as augmentation mammoplasty, is a surgical procedure aimed at increasing the size and enhancing the shape of the breasts....

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Rhinoplasty Surgery in Delhi – How to Get the Perfect Nose

Posted By:DR SHIVANI ATRI On 17 March 2023
What is Revision Rhinoplasty?

Revision rhinoplasty, also known as secondary rhinoplasty, is a surgical procedure that is performed to correct or revise the results of previous rhinoplasty surgery...

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Rhinoplasty Surgery in Delhi – How to Get the Perfect Nose

Posted By:DR SHIVANI ATRI On 17 March 2023
Rhinoplasty Surgery in Delhi – How to Get the Perfect Nose

Rhinoplasty surgery, also known as a nose job, is a surgical procedure that involves reshaping or reconstructing the nose. It can be done for cosmetic purposes, to improve the appearance of the nose...

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How a Tummy Tuck Can Benefit Your Overall Health

Posted By:DR SHIVANI ATRI On 14 Sept 2022
How a Tummy Tuck Can Benefit Your Overall Health

A cosmetic surgery tummy tuck successfully reduces belly fat and is especially beneficial for people who cannot acquire a trim, flat stomach with diet and exercise. This procedure, commonly called a "tummy tuck,"...

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hair transplant surgery

Posted By:DR SHIVANI ATRI On 17 Aug 2022
When will my hair grow after hair transplant surgery?

Hair transplantation intends to restore hair growth to places of the scalp where growth has been limited or non-existent. It is an excellent therapy for a variety of hair loss conditions. People may...

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Posted By:DR SHIVANI ATRI On 26 May 2022
Lip Lift: Types, Procedure, Cost, And Risk Factors

Lip lift surgery is an in-office procedure involving making a few tiny incisions and stitches. The principle behind the procedure is decreasing the span of the philtrum, the gap between the base.

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Posted By:DR SHIVANI ATRI On 13 Oct 2021
How much Does Liposuction Surgery Cost in India?

Liposuction is one of the most sought-after and widely performed cosmetic procedures worldwide. The process of liposuction involves the contouring and tightening of specific areas of the body.

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How to diagnose gynecomastia through gynecomastia tests

Posted By:DR SHIVANI ATRI On 27 Sep 2021
Gynaecomastia Test: How to Diagnose Gynaecomastia Through Tests?

Gynecomastia is a hormonal condition that causes abnormal enlargement of the breast tissue in men.

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Breast lift cost in india what to expect from a breast lift surgery

Posted By:DR SHIVANI ATRI On 24 Sep 2021
What to Expect from Breast Lift Surgery?

The prominence of mastopexy or breast lift surgery is growing at an exponential rate.

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mini abdominoplasty tummy tuck surgery cost in delhi

Posted By:DR SHIVANI ATRI On 10 Sep 2021
Mini Tummy Tuck Surgery (Abdominoplasty): Learn about common reasons to get Tummy Tuck, Costs & Benefits

Tummy Tuck, medically called Abdominoplasty is a cosmetic surgical procedure for improving the appearance of the abdomen.

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Gynecomastia Things Consider Opting Gynaecomastia Surgery

Posted By:DR SHIVANI ATRI On 20 Aug 2021
Gynecomastia (Enlarged breasts in Men): Things to Consider Before Opting Gynaecomastia Surgery

Gynecomastia is a common condition that affects males of all ages and causes excessive breast growth.

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Cosmetic Surgery during Covid 19 Pandemic

Posted By:DR SHIVANI ATRI On 19 July 2021
Cosmetic Surgery Impact During COVID 19 Pandemic: Is It Safe?

The COVID 19 pandemic has left most of us working from home and work is now more over zoom calls and other video conferencing tools.

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Posted By:DR SHIVANI ATRI On 29 June 2021
Why is Body Contouring Gaining More Popularity among Men and Women in 2021?

Weight loss is sometimes both a curse and a boon. In patients with obese tendencies, losing weight is considered the only way to a healthier lifestyle...

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Posted By:DR SHIVANI ATRI On 07 June 2021
Mommy Makeover: What Surgeries Performed Under Mommy Makeover Surgery in 2021?

Becoming a mother is a form of dreamy experience that almost every woman wishes to have at least once in their lifetime. However, alongside the delightful moments, motherhood can, sometimes...

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Posted By:DR SHIVANI ATRI On 04 June 2021
Breast Lift: Worth it? How Much Does It Cost in 2021?

Breast lift, also medically termed as Mastopexy, is a cosmetic surgery done to restore the shape and firmness of the breasts. The procedure is often done in patients struggling with sagging breasts ...

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Vaginal Rejuvenation

Posted By:DR SHIVANI ATRI On 30 April 2021
When Do You Need Vaginal Rejuvenation?

Our body’s natural aging process causes every organ of our body to deteriorate and decline in its normal functioning capacity. This can lead to a lot of discomfort and inconvenience during your old age...

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Nose Job

Posted By:DR SHIVANI ATRI On 30 April 2021
Rhinoplasty: What To Expect Before And After A ‘Nose Job’?

Are you unhappy or get self-conscious with the appearance of your nose or want to correct a birth defect or breathing problems? If your answer is a yes, it's time for you to gain insights about Rhinoplasty...

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Breast Augmentation

Posted By:DR SHIVANI ATRI On 27 April 2021
Breast Augmentation – Before and After, Costs, Surgery and More

Also known as Augmentation Mammoplasty, breast augmentation is a leading cosmetic surgery that women undergo to enhance their breast size and shape. It is a procedure done to improve the aesthetic appearance...

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Labiaplasty Surgery Procedure

Posted By:DR SHIVANI ATRI On 30 March 2021
Labiaplasty - Procedure Overview, Cost, And Recovery

Do you experience intense discomfort or pain when you ride your bicycle? Do you pull away immediately while trying to get intimate? Are you experiencing struggles with yoga pants? Are you experiencing low self-confidence...

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Posted By:DR SHIVANI ATRI On 06 April 2021
Gynecomastia: Surgery, Treatment, Causes & Symptoms

Gynecomastia or enlarged breast in men is a fairly common problem faced today.At ANAYSHA Aesthetics ,you will get the best solution according to your concern and you will get the right treatment at affordable costs.

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Choosing A Hair Transplant Surgeon

Posted By:DR SHIVANI ATRI On 22 March 2021
Things To Consider Before Choosing A Hair Transplant Surgeon

If you are seeking a hair transplant surgery, it is important to select a cosmetic surgeon who has an M.Ch. degree. Call ANAYSHA Aesthetics and have a word with our hair transplant surgeon to know more about the hair transplant surgery.

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mommy makeover surgery

Posted By:DR SHIVANI ATRI On 25 February 2021
Everything You Need To Know About a Mommy Makeover

Motherhood is a soul-touching and cherishable period in a woman's life. Living with a life within you and then welcoming your baby to the new world is a moment of true happiness. Also, having a baby changes a woman from the inside as well as outside. Physical well-being disrupts from what it was before childbirth and these elements do not go back to the way they were before.

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Hymenoplasty Surgery

Posted By:DR SHIVANI ATRI On 23 February 2021
Hymenoplasty - Procedure Overview, Cost, Recovery, Before & After

The concepts of "purity and virginity" have been debatable for a long time. The truth is, the state of a woman's hymen has nothing related to sexual activity as the hymen may get broken in many ways such as strenuous exercising. Hymenoplasty surgery should always be a personal choice.

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