Wrinkles, fine lines, sagging, and loose skin are some of the visible signs of ageing.

Among all, wrinkles are considered as the most noticeable ageing signs experienced by many. Many wish to get rid of it to enhance their appearance and consider having treatment to improve the moderate to severe acne. Treatment with Botulinum toxin in Delhi is among the best wrinkle treatments and is the only approved treatment. Owing to its great results, people widely choose it for facial aesthetics. Botulinum toxin injections used for facial wrinkle treatment are the most frequently performed cosmetic procedure. Botox injection is the safest non-surgical treatment for wrinkles, relaxing your facial muscles and making your face more elastic. Only a single Botulinum treatment in Delhi can assist in minimising facial wrinkles and lines that may not have responded to other ageing solutions, comprising skin creams and moisturisers. 

All about Botulinum toxin injections 

Repeated muscle contractions and reduced collagen synthesis are the two main causes of wrinkles on the face. Botulinum toxin injections, also known as anti-wrinkle injections, work by temporarily disabling the facial muscle contractions that cause wrinkles. Specifically, those linked with crow's feet, the wrinkles at eye corners, and the frown lines between your eyes. The Botulinum treatment in Delhi works by directly blocking the facial nerves that signal your muscles to contract. This helps to limit the creation of new lines, leading to reduction in the signs of ageing.

How Does Botox Work?

Botox is a drug that works by weakening or relaxing a muscle. When used in small doses, it helps to reduce wrinkles and fine lines and helps in treating some other medical conditions. Botox is a protein made from Botulinum toxin that works by blocking the nerves and contract muscles, softening the overall appearance of wrinkles. It's considered the safest and most effective treatment for wrinkles as well as fine lines around the eyes. It can also be used between the eyes and forehead. An expert surgeon injects Botulinum toxin into the skin by using a fine needle. It works by blocking specific signals from the nerves from reaching muscles. Botulinum toxins typically block nerve impulses to the injected muscle and effectively weaken the muscle. At first, the doctor will perform an injection test to know how much Botox a person may need for the treatment. 

What is the Procedure for Botox Treatment in Gurgaon?

Before starting Botulinum treatment in Delhi, the skin expert properly examines the affected areas and checks the medical history of the patient. Accordingly, the Botox units that must be used during the procedure would be determined during this consultation. The expert advises the patient to stop consuming anti-inflammatory medicines as well as alcohol at least two weeks before undergoing the botox injection procedure.

  • The procedure starts by applying a topical anaesthetic to the selected area before injecting.
  • After that, strategic points are selected on the muscle for administering injections. These injections have a thin needle to ensure the procedure remains simple. The patient may just experience a pinch feeling and not more than that. 
  • At first, wrinkles appear due to the contraction of concerned facial muscle. After that, they turn deeper. When injected into the muscle, Botox injections block the nerves that trigger muscle activity. The body automatically repairs wrinkles the time folding action stops.
  • After completion of the botox wrinkle procedure, patients are asked to keep their heads upright the entire day and avoid strenuous activity or exercises.

What to Expect After Botox?

Botox injection wrinkle treatment in Delhi takes about seven days to show noticeable results, and the effects last for about four to six months. After these months, wrinkles reappear, and you must get them treated again. But, the severity of wrinkles reduces as muscles relax. It is vital to follow all aftercare guidelines advised by the dermatologist. The goal of Botox aftercare is to encourage optimal results. The best part is that Botox injections do not need any recovery time. Therefore, they don't have to take off from work and can resume their activities immediately. You have to wait at least 24 hours for workout sessions post the treatment. Your doctor suggests waiting for several days because physical activity increases blood flow, which can reduce the effectiveness of the injection. 

Here are some common advice given by the doctor,

  • A person should avoid lying down or forward bending for at least 4 hours post botox.
  • A person must avoid exercise for 48hrs.
  • After botox treatment a person might experience mild heaviness in the forehead for about 1-2 days.
  • Massaging the area or any heat application should also be avoided for 8 to 10 days.

After Botox treatment, mild bruising can occur, but nothing to worry about; it would settle down in 4 to 5 days. Prescribed medications can work for this.

Cost of Botox Treatment in Gurgaon

Botulinum toxin treatment in Delhi is among the most popular cosmetic treatments. The effectiveness of this treatment has attracted more and more people to give it a try, and many are extremely satisfied with the results. Botox injections help to restore not only the patient's youth but also their confidence in their overall personality. The cost of a Botulinum treatment in Delhi is affected by numerous factors. The cost of Botox varies and depends on several criteria, including the exact area of the treatment, clinic's location, the doctor's experience, and the amount of Botox used for the treatment. However, the Botox cost generally ranges between Rs. 400 and Rs. 500 per unit. Botox injections price depends on the number of units of Botox injections used, as different treatment locations require varying amounts of toxin. Another element that affects the cost of Botox in India is the geographical location where the treatment would be done and the pricing differs per zone. When calculating the actual cost of botox treatment, many aspects are considered. Some of them are as follows: 

  • Dermatologist abilities and expertise
  • The location of the clinic
  • The depth and severity of the wrinkle

Therefore, one cannot figure out the exact cost of the treatment. Your surgeon will give the exact cost idea after your consultation and evaluation.

Why Botox Treatment In Delhi?

Discover the effectiveness of Botox treatment in Delhi with a focus on addressing wrinkles caused by muscle movement rather than sun damage. Anaysha Aesthetics, located in East Delhi, stands out as a reputable center offering top-notch aesthetic surgical solutions. Elevate your appearance through their advanced equipment and the expertise of their skilled team. Approved by the FDA, this non-invasive treatment is deemed the safest option to refresh and rejuvenate delicate areas around the eyes. Experience the wonders of Botulinum toxin treatment in Delhi by scheduling an appointment at Anaysha Aesthetics with a qualified doctor.

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