What is a Mommy Makeover?

Pregnancy is a glorious period in a woman’s life but it is equally strenuous. Not only does it affect a mother’s mind mentally but drains them out physically as well. Mommy makeover encompasses a series of cosmetic surgical procedures that help mothers regain the lost appearance of their bodies.

It includes a wide range of specialized body contouring procedures that improve the physical changes in the body of the mothers that have recently delivered a baby. Every process involved in this makeover is custom-tailored for the need of every mother. The majority of the time, the procedures are done around the abdomen and breast region as per one’s needs.

When is the right time for Mommy Makeover?

The right time for undergoing a Mommy Makeover is all dependent on the mother. If the mother feels that she isn’t happy or satisfied with her postpartum body, they can consult a Plastic & Cosmetic surgeon to discuss the procedures that she can undergo.

There is no standard timeline for it. While some mothers undergo these procedures to regain the natural contours of their bodies, some mothers favor not having any kind of equipment prodded on their bodies.

Generally, any component to the mommy makeover is safe to be done at least 7-8 months after delivery. If you are okay with waiting a bit more, undergo the procedure a year after your delivery.

Who are the Right Candidates for Mommy Makeover?

The Mommy Makeover is done by the mothers who have experienced a complete and drastic change to the shape and size of their body after delivering their baby. Some of the criteria for an ideal candidate include:

  • If your breasts have gone out of shape completely, and appear saggy or loose than before.
  • If you have excess loose skin around the abdominal region.
  • If your skin has excessive stretch marks all around the body.
  • If you have excess body fat deposition around the thighs, midsection, and even the arms.

Why opt for a Mommy Makeover?

Pregnancy is a very beautiful time in any woman's life. The female body undergoes significant alterations in order to accommodate a baby, from stretch marks and loose skin to the production of different hormones to sustain and aid in the growth of the baby. Your size changes too, and it can be stressful. Mommy makeover surgery in Delhi is a collection of different procedures that can help restore the pre-pregnancy body. Before going into detail, let’s look at how pregnancy alters a woman's body:

Loose skin and stretch marks: The baby develops inside the uterus, which is located in the abdominal cavity. As the pregnancy progresses, the entire abdominal region expands significantly. This causes the skin to stretch, which results in stretch marks and loose or hanging skin after giving birth. This is due to a reduction in skin elasticity, and it is extremely difficult for the skin to return to its previous state. Treatments like a tummy tuck can help significantly with it.

Weight fluctuations: Reduced physical activity, as well as hormonal changes, cause a lot of weight fluctuation. It is common for a woman to gain weight during pregnancy, and it may be quite difficult to lose that weight after childbirth. Many women struggle to successfully reduce weight from troublesome regions such as the belly, thighs, buttocks, face, and back. Liposuction can significantly aid in targeted fat reduction and giving you a sculpted look.

Sagging breasts: The breasts are one of the most commonly affected regions after pregnancy. As breasts are primarily made up of fatty tissues, a significant change is observed in them during and after the pregnancy.

  • Some women's breast sizes may get larger as they acquire weight, resulting in sagging and drooping breasts.
  •  Some women may notice a significant drop in the volume of their breasts, resulting in a decrease in fat tissue and an inflated appearance.

Loose abdominal muscles: During the latter stages of pregnancy, the muscular composition of the abdomen changes to provide more room for the baby, which might result in abdominal muscle loosening after pregnancy. This is called Diastasis recti. This condition takes a long time to recover and results in the dreaded belly pouch. Diets and exercise may help to some extent, but they will not totally revert the looseness. Corrective procedures, such as tummy tuck surgery, can greatly aid in rectifying this.

Changes in the skin: It is quite normal for the skin to change throughout pregnancy due to the ever-increasing hormonal changes.

  • Stretch marks are one of the most frequent issues that arise during pregnancy. Stretch marks can appear where there is extra fat deposition, thus women during pregnancy have an increased number of stretch marks near their arms, thighs, back buttocks, and abdominal region. Stretch marks are usually permanent, but their appearance can be reduced by taking certain precautions, using topical ointments, and receiving cosmetic treatments offered under mommy makeover surgery in Delhi.
  • Other pregnancy-related issues include hyperpigmentation and general skin darkening induced by increased oestrogen and MSH hormone levels. There are several non-surgical cosmetic procedures that can help with such skin issues.

What are the Aesthetic Procedures included in a Mommy Makeover?

Mommy Makeover surgery in Delhi includes a variety of aesthetic procedures that help in restoring and enhancing the natural shape and appearance of a woman’s body after delivery. Going through motherhood has a lot of impact on various body organs, like the breasts, the abdomen, and the overall body in general. The body undergoes several changes during pregnancy, making it difficult to return to the pre-pregnancy state. Mommy makeover surgeries assist moms in transitioning back into their pre-pregnancy state naturally and aesthetically while improving their overall appearance, confidence, and posture. In general, mommy makeover surgery encompasses a wide range of treatments. These treatments can be performed alone or in combination, depending on your unique needs. Mommy Makeover includes not just one but multiple aesthetic procedures that help restore the natural shape and appearance of a body part in a woman’s body after delivery. For your convenience, here are the procedures included in this complete makeover.

Some of the treatments available to you are as follows:

Breast Lift: The hormonal changes that occur during pregnancy and nursing have an impact on the overall structure and firmness of the breasts. Sagging breasts are one of the most common complications women have after giving birth. It not only has an impact on appearance, but it also causes rashes and sweating underneath the breasts because of increased skin friction.

Breast lift surgery, commonly known as Mastopexy, is becoming an increasingly popular mommy makeover procedure in Delhi among women post-pregnancy. During this surgery, the plastic & cosmetic surgeon assists in restoring the natural firmness of the breasts. This procedure also includes the excision of excess skin tissue surrounding the breasts, which is the primary cause of sagging. As a consequence, the breasts appear lifted and visually appealing.

This procedure has no significant influence on future pregnancies or your ability to breastfeed.

 Advantages of a breast lift:

  • Restore the breasts' original pre-pregnancy firmness.
  • A younger-looking appearance
  • A breast lift improves the symmetry of the body.
  • It helps by reducing issues such as under-boob perspiration and rashes.

Breast Augmentation Surgery- Breast augmentation surgery is commonly performed to enhance the size of a woman's breasts. Many women experience a reduction in the volume of their breasts after delivery.

This surgery improves the contour and size of the breasts. With advancements in technology and better implants, obtaining a natural-looking augmented breast is becoming easier and more painless. Implants made of silicone or saline are typically used in this procedure and are inserted into the breast to give it a rounder and more enhanced look.

Breast augmentation surgery is generally a safe procedure for women who have recently given birth. This surgery typically lasts a long time, and the entire procedure is tailored based on your concerns, so selecting the correct form, size, and kind of implant is all up to you. 

Advantages of breast augmentation surgery:

  • Enlarged breasts.
  • It creates a visual balance between the upper and lower body.
  • It treats asymmetrical breasts.

Breast Reduction – Breast reduction surgery is another treatment that is quite prevalent among women who have recently delivered a baby. Pregnancy can lead to considerable fat deposition around the breasts, which can cause severe sagging and problems such as back discomfort, shoulder pain, and drooping breasts.

Breast reduction is a surgical treatment that removes extra fat and skin from the breasts. This is quite popular among new moms who have lost their natural firmness and have seen a massive change in the size of their breasts due to breastfeeding. 

The effects are often quite pleasing and can assist women in achieving a more proportional shape while also decreasing neck, back, and shoulder pain.

Advantages of breast reduction:

  • It provides a more balanced appearance to the body
  • It reduces strains on the neck, shoulders, and back.
  • It gives you greater confidence and makes you look younger.

Tummy Tuck – The abdominal region, often known as the tummy region, is one of the most commonly impacted areas following pregnancy. During pregnancy, the skin surrounding the belly is stretched excessively to accommodate the baby. The skin around the belly does not return to its normal state after pregnancy due to a loss of elasticity. This is why women develop loose or sagging skin.

A tummy tuck surgery, also known as Abdominoplasty, is a cosmetic technique that removes excess skin and occasionally additional fat by surgery, thus minimizing saggy and loose skin.

The following are the primary benefits of a tummy tuck after pregnancy:

  • It creates the impression of a tighter, firmer abdomen.
  • Excess skin is removed, resulting in a smooth appearance.
  • The muscles around the stomach are also tightened.
  • It gives the tummy an appropriate definition.
  • It lessens the appearance of a belly pouch.

Circumferential Abdominoplasty- Other than the abdominal area, there is an increase in fat deposition after pregnancy throughout the buttocks, thighs, and back.

A circumferential abdominoplasty, as opposed to the typical tummy tuck procedure we've just read, is a more thorough kind of contouring that not only shapes the abdominal area but also removes extra skin and fatty tissue from the lower half of the body. This is a fat reduction and reshaping procedure that focuses on certain body parts, such as the thighs, arms, and buttocks.

When substantial contouring and skin removal are required, circumferential abdominoplasty is performed instead of a traditional tummy tuck.


  • It aids in the contouring of the lower half of the body and provides the ideal hourglass appearance.
  • Excess fat is removed, and the skin appears tighter, giving the appearance of being toned.

Liposuction- Many women have significant weight gain following pregnancy. The belly, back, thighs, and breasts are some of the most common troublesome regions where excess fat accumulates. Most women are concerned about their body's appearance and excessive fat after pregnancy. Liposuction is a cosmetic surgical treatment that employs suction to remove excess fat from particular areas of the body. It aids in regaining the body contours that the new mother has worked so hard to achieve.

Liposuction assists in carefully targeting and removing fat from problematic regions, allowing you to achieve your targeted weight loss goal after pregnancy. It is one of the most sought after mommy makeover surgery in Delhi.

Advantages of Liposuction:

  • A safer form of losing weight after pregnancy
  • A well-toned and sculpted physique
  • A leaner and more proportional overall body

Vaginoplasty – After pregnancy, the vagina or birth canal is significantly affected. Natural pregnancy frequently causes a decrease in vaginal elasticity. Many women may find it difficult to feel sexually the same after their pregnancies. Discoloration around the vagina and genitals can also be caused by hormonal changes during pregnancy.

Vaginoplasty is one of the procedures included in a Mommy Makeover surgery in Delhi. It is a reconstructive procedure that includes the elasticity and tightness of the vaginal muscles being restored.

Extra skin surrounding the vagina is removed to restore firmness, and vaginal tissues and muscles are tightened. It also entails rebuilding the labia to provide a more visually attractive result.

While vaginoplasty is not medically essential after a pregnancy, it can have a major influence on a woman's sexual life.

The major advantages of vaginoplasty are:

  • It assists women in feeling younger and rejuvenated after a pregnancy.
  • Increased sexual satisfaction is associated with a more toned vagina.
  • It increases a woman's confidence and capacity to be more sexually confident after childbirth.
  • Tampons are also held in place better when the vagina is tightened after the pregnancy.

So, what is a Mommy makeover and what are the different types?

Mommy makeover surgery refers to a combination of a variety of procedures that can help you lose weight, get a better skin and desired body. These procedures are broadly classified into two major categories based on whether they are surgical or non-surgical. The surgical procedures include treatments like:

  • Breast augmentation: helps in surgically enhancing and increasing the size of the breasts.
  • Breast lift: helps in correcting droopy, sagging breasts and gives the appearance of naturally lifted breasts.
  • Breast reduction: reduces large breast size. It relieves problems like back pain, neck strain, etc.
  • Tummy tuck: helps in tightening the loose skin and muscles around the abdomen after childbirth.
  • Circumferential abdominoplasty: performed when extensive skin correction is required around the abdomen, buttocks, and thighs.
  • Liposuction: helps in sucking out the fat surgically from problematic areas. 

Apart from that, there is a whole category of non-surgical procedures that are typically non-invasive. These are the procedures that are primarily focused on being minimally invasive and quick. Some of which are:

  • Fillers in the face to decrease the appearance of wrinkles.
  • Skin tightening with Exilis Ultra radiofrequency: This is a fairly common, non-invasive procedure that uses sophisticated radiofrequency methods to tighten the skin around the face and body.
  • Stretch marks can be reduced by using platelet-rich plasma technique. This is accomplished by the use of micro-needling. And injecting the PRP where the stretch marks are present.
  • Cellulite removal
  • Facelift


Getting assistance and advice from professionals is never a bad idea. Although you can lose weight or try to get back into your pre-pregnancy shape by changing your diet and exercising, it is quite difficult to do it right after pregnancy. Women find it tough to care for their bodies due to lack of time and hectic lifestyles.

This is where professional treatments come in, and mommy makeover surgery is one such procedure that can help you regain your pre-pregnancy physique. The procedures offered under the surgery are extensive and provide a natural-looking outcome. It has been fine-tuned to address all of the issues that a woman has after pregnancy.

So, why do you require a mommy makeover surgery in Delhi

  • Due to lack of time, it is difficult to pay attention to the body and targeted weight loss is very difficult.
  • Specific conditions, such as diastasis recti and loose skin are extremely tough to overcome, even with a healthy diet and exercise. Mommy makeover surgery can help achieve a more toned and firm body after pregnancy.
  • The changes in the breasts are very evident and they are hard to restore on their own. Professional treatments like breast lift, breast augmentation, and breast reduction surgeries provide the best natural-looking outcomes and give you the desired breasts.
  • Problems like stretch marks and hyperpigmentation can only be corrected with the help of cosmetic treatments and can give you a beautiful glow.
  • The loose skin and belly pouch after pregnancy can be restored and tightened with the help of procedures like circumferential abdominoplasty and tummy tuck.

Advantages of Mommy Makeover:

There are numerous advantages of a Mommy makeover surgery:

  • Your confidence and appearance improves a lot. The boost in confidence that a beautifully toned physique gives women is unparalleled.
  • You can wear whatever you want, and you don't have to limit yourself to baggy clothes because of your weight.
  • The body proportions are considerably enhanced and balanced to give you a visually appealing and symmetrical appearance.
  • Mommy makeover surgery, like liposuction, aids in specifically targeting and eliminating fat from regions such as the belly, thighs, and abdomen.
  • You can achieve the desired lifted breasts, along with achieving a natural look.
  • The procedures help you eliminate and correct the problematic areas of your bodies. This significantly improves self esteem.
  • Treatments such as vaginal restoration can aid in enhancing sexual satisfaction after pregnancy.

Facial treatments in Mommy Makeover surgeries:

Pregnancy also causes several changes in the skin, which might result in dull, lifeless skin after the pregnancy. There are occasions when women get severe acne on their skin after giving birth. Pregnancy, as previously stated, can cause hyperpigmentation and skin darkening too.

There are a variety of cosmetic treatments that may be combined to give you that natural glow and a younger appearance. These are some of the facial treatments that come under the mommy makeover surgery.

  • Face lift without surgery
  • Laser treatment for acne and scarring
  • Lipo filling to cure sagging skin on the face
  • Revitalization of the face
  • Treatment for skin tightening
  • Treatments for hyperpigmentation use chemical peels and exfoliation.
  • Fillers to treat dark and sunken under eyes.

ANAYSHA Aesthetics offers a wide range of facial rejuvenation treatments. Consult the professionals now to learn more.

Why choose ANAYSHA Aesthetics?

Certain considerations should be made when selecting a clinic for mommy makeover surgery. The treatment required might be invasive, therefore it is critical that you select a clinic that has cutting-edge facilities and is up to date on all the latest methods and technology.

ANAYSHA Aesthetics is one of the premier clinics in Delhi for mommy makeover surgery. We believe in providing you with the best treatment for your specific issues by assembling a large team of committed professionals and an expert cosmetic surgeon.

The surgeons at ANAYSHA Aesthetics believe in patient satisfaction and recognizing the women's concerns and requirements. The procedures employed at the clinic are on par with those used for cosmetic operations all around the world.

The cost of mommy makeover surgery varies based on the type of surgery and treatment you choose. At ANAYSHA Aesthetics, the treatment is both affordable and of the highest quality.


Mommy makeover surgery in Delhi is completely safe and is performed under the supervision of an expert cosmetic surgeon. You may very well be confident and anticipate the best results.

The treatments involved are usually complication-free and have no long-term adverse effects. The risks are minor and are typical of every operation that you have. You will experience fewer problems if you take appropriate care and follow the doctor's instructions.

The type of mommy makeover surgery you choose is entirely subjective and is determined by the type of treatment you want as well as your particular requirements. You have the option of having just one surgery or a mix of procedures to address several areas. There are several alternatives available.

To be eligible for the surgery, you have to keep the following things in mind:

  1. You are in overall good health following the pregnancy.
  2. You don't smoke or drink since they can have bad consequences on the surgery.
  3. You are typically healthy and do not have any long-term problems.
  4. You have normal and stable blood pressure, and you are healthy mentally and emotionally.

Choosing the appropriate clinic and a competent doctor for your surgery is critical, since the outcomes are entirely reliant on the plastic surgeon's expertise as well as the clinic's infrastructure.

It is essential that you go to a clinic that caters to your specific needs and provides you with the best and most up-to-date treatment.

Anyone over the age of 18 who is in good health with no significant health issues is eligible for the procedure.

It is recommended that you wait for some time after the pregnancy and then undergo any of the treatments associated with mommy makeover surgery. This allows the body to recover properly.

It is also advised that you go for the surgery if you are not considering any further pregnancies to ensure long-lasting results.

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