ANAYSHA Aesthetics understands how important your privacy is to you. ANAYSHA Aesthetics is a well-known plastic surgery centre in Delhi. We have a strong sense of ethics and value the privacy of all visitors to our website. Our ethical values and privacy standards are upheld during your visit to our website. When you visit the website, data in the form of cookies and personal information is gathered. A standard guideline is provided below to guarantee that your data is handled responsibly and that your integrity is respected.

What is the website's cookie policy?

Cookies and log files are used to store vital user data.

Cookies are small files that are saved in the system as well as the browser. These cookies may contain a range of information and preferences that a user may have on the website. Most websites employ cookies in order to improve the overall user experience. The ANAYSHA Aesthetics utilises cookies to save your preferences and data so that you have a better user experience the next time you visit our website.

Cookies are mostly used to track and analyse the behaviour of various users. The collection of cookies can assist us in better determining which advertising to display and what information to serve next. Cookies may contain personal information that is stored in the system's browser. Some of the information may be shared with related firms in order to better target relevant advertisements and content.

It is crucial to remember that accepting cookies is entirely voluntary, and the settings may be altered at any moment in the local browser settings. Allowing cookies may result in a better and faster user experience the next time the user visits the page. If you do not want more cookies from the website, go to the settings and choose ‘do not allow” cookies from this website. There are also provisions in place that require your browser to request permission each time it sends cookies. You can also erase any previously saved cookies. You may delete pre-saved cookies by removing all cookies options in the settings.

Cookies are a crucial component of a good user experience; if you deactivate cookies, certain website functionality may become obscured or cease to perform correctly.

Your personal details

It is critical for us to maintain the integrity of our protection of our users' privacy. Personal information from users is gathered on the website with their consent and awareness. The information gathered from users may include, but is not limited to:

  • Name
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Gender

Personal information is mostly collected through two basic forms.

  • The enquire now option: this is where users enter their information and our executives contact them with any concerns or questions they have about the ANAYSHA Aesthetics clinic's services and treatments.
  • The Book an appointment option allows customers to schedule an appointment with the ANAYSHA Aesthetics clinic. The form includes a collection of the contact's name, email address, and phone number. This can assist customer care executives in reaching out to users and scheduling appointments.

We believe in improving the user experience and reaching out to more of our potential clients. For this information, we may also collect third-party information provided to us.

All information received from our users is used solely to offer them the greatest quality clinic-related services.

How do we safeguard the information we acquire from our users?

It is essential to ensure that any information gathered from the users is only utilised to improve the user experience and provide a smooth treatment experience. At the ANAYSHA Aesthetics clinic, we make every effort to keep our users' personal information private.

  • All information gathered is done so with our user's awareness and permission.
  • No information is shared with other parties without the user's permission.
  • The technical staff at ANAYSHA Aesthetics guarantees that no data breaches or violations of privacy policies occur. All of your provided data and stored data is safeguarded from any unlawful or illicit activity.

How do we use the information?

Collecting personal information can assist us in the following ways:

  • When a person views the website and provides information, the system saves that information for a faster and better experience the next time the user visits the website.
  • What is the point of providing us with all of the offered information? We can help the users by providing the services they desire, such as arranging appointments and future treatments, because all of the information is already available.
  • The information can be used for future communications from the clinic, which is continually offering new treatment plants, discounts, and offers on the internet. We can utilise personal information to present fresh offerings that may be of interest to our users.
  • Collecting personal information and patterns can assist us in optimising our website to meet the needs of individual visitors.
  • User data is used to improve personalisation and to extend the ANAYSHA Aesthetics website for the treatment experience.
  • The information can also assist us in detecting and preventing fraud.

If you have any questions regarding the privacy policy or want to learn more about any of the terms listed, please contact the technical team.

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