Breast Augmentation – Before and After, Costs, Surgery and More

Breast Augmentation
Posted By:DR SHIVANI ATRI On 27 April 2021

Also known as Augmentation Mammoplasty, breast augmentation is a leading cosmetic surgery that women undergo to enhance their breast size and shape. It is a procedure done to improve the aesthetic appearance of a woman’s breast according to her expectations. This cosmetic treatment involves positioning the implants below the breast tissue or underneath the chest muscles to augment the breast size and appearance.

Not just for aesthetic reasons, some women undergo the surgery to re-establish the appearance of their breasts following severe medical conditions. Some women undergo the procedure to feel more confident about their body and appearance.

If you are considering undergoing the surgery, it is important that you talk to a professional and highly experienced cosmetic surgeon. The doctors at ANAYSHA Aesthetics are some of them. Here, we will be discussing everything that you need to know about the procedure, the cost involved and the consequences you can expect following that.

Table of Contents

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  1. Who is the Right Candidate for Breast Augmentation?
  2. Different Types of Breast Implants
  3. What Happens During the Procedure?
  4. Recovery and Maintenance
  5. Cost of Breast Augmentation in Delhi


1. Who is the Right Candidate for Breast Augmentation?

Undergoing Breast Augmentation in Delhi is not a very easy procedure. There are several criteria that the patient should fulfil in order to be considered fit and ideal for the surgery and to prevent any associated risk or complication that comes with it.

Your surgeon will classify you as an ideal candidate for breast augmentation when you fit in the list below:

  • You should be physically fit with no signs of active infection, previous or ongoing history of cancer, or other chronic medical conditions that can be worsened with the surgery.
  • You have saggy, flattened or asymmetrical looking breasts with inadequate cleavage that is affecting your self-confidence and causing body dysphoria.
  • You are not an active smoker or drinker.
  • You are mentally prepared for this life-altering decision that will effectively change the appearance of your breasts.
  • You have realistic expectations from the surgery and are ready to consult a therapist if needed.
  • You have the ability and resources to take a few days off from work or duties to take rest and heal after the surgery.
  • You have undergone a mastectomy due to a previous battle with breast cancer. This requires thorough consultation with the surgeon to check whether your body is fit enough for the procedure.

2. Different Types of Breast Implants

Breast implants are an integral part of breast augmentation surgery. They are the individual medical prostheses that the cosmetic surgeons place under the breast or chest issues to augment and reconstruct the size of the actual breasts in a woman’s body.

As for the types of breast implants, there are three important ones that patients should be informed about:

Saline implants – These types of implants are filled with sterile saline solution inside an elastomer silicone shell to be surgically inserted under the breast for enhancements. The amount of saline solution also affects the firmness, feel and shape of the breast after the surgery.

Silicone gel-filled implants – This is made up of a silicone outer shell with silicone gel filled in. In case the implant leaks, the gel from inside the implants usually stays in the shell or fills around the pockets where the implant is placed.

Alternative composite implants – These are not a mainstream type of breast implant and are generally filled with polypropylene string, soy oil and other components.

3. What Happens During the Procedure? :-

The procedure of breast implant surgery is pretty extensive and spans over months of consultations, discussions and planning before the actual procedure is done. It is important that you consult the best cosmetic surgeon to undergo the surgery safely and without any unexpected consequences.

Before the Procedure:-

  • The treatment normally starts with the initial consultation wherein the surgeon discusses the expectations of the patient along with their medical history.
  • Once the initial consultation is done, the surgeon will further write down all the tests and imaging that the patient needs to get done before the treatment starts.
  • The doctor will suggest you get a baseline mammogram before the surgery to have a better imaging of the area they have to operate on.
  • Smoking and drinking are out of the question at least two weeks before the surgery.

During the Procedure:-

  • The surgery starts with anesthesia to make the patient unconscious so that the procedure can be done without inflicting any pain.
  • Once the sedation kicks in, the surgeon makes an incision either under the breast’s crease, underneath the arm or around the nipple.
  • Following making the incision, the surgeon separates the breast tissue from the attached muscles and the connective tissue off the chest to create a pocket for the breast implant to be put into.
  • The breast implant is inserted into the created pocket, ensuring that the center of the implant coincides behind the nipple.
  • Once the implant’s position is perfectly set, the surgeon sutures back the incision and the area is bandaged to prevent risks of infection.
Breast Augmentation Surgery

4. Recovery and Maintenance :-

Breast augmentation aftercare should be taken extremely seriously, especially if you want to ensure a quick recovery and fewer complications. Here’s what you can expect after the surgery:

  • Swelling and tenderness around the breast for 2-3 weeks.
  • Bruising around the incision along with scarring that eventually fades with recovery.
  • You will also experience mild pain and discomfort for which the surgeon will prescribe the necessary medication.
  • If the sutures don't dissolve on their own or there are issues with the drainage tubes around the breast, you will have to consult the surgeon immediately.

As for the recovery, here’s what you can do to ensure quicker healing:

  • Once the surgery is done, the patient needs to wait in the recovery room for observation until the anaesthesia wears off.
  • At home, patients need to take the prescribed medications to reduce the risks of infection and other complications.
  • Wearing a compression bandage or sports bra is advisable.
  • The patient might have to take a few days off from work to ensure proper healing.
  • Rigorous physical activities should be avoided for a few weeks.
  • Cold compress might help ease the pain, redness or warmth that patients often experience after the surgery.

5. Cost of Breast Augmentation in Delhi :-

The breast augmentation cost in Delhi is subjective and will depend on several factors, including:-

  • Types of breast implant
  • The extent of the surgery
  • Charges levied by the clinic and the surgeon
  • Number of consultations required

In general, the cost of the breast implants starts from INR 40,000 to INR 50,000 while the overall procedure of the surgery might cost over INR 2,00,000. Keep in mind that these rates are subjective and can be more or less depending on the criteria mentioned above.

Takeaway :-

Breast Augmentation has become a mainstream cosmetic surgery procedure with higher success rates. Not only does it help improve the overall appearance according to an individual’s expectations, it also helps improve the functionalities of the body. If you are considering undergoing breast augmentation surgery, consider getting it done at ANAYSHA Aesthetics. Here, you will get the right solution according to your concern with best treatments at affordable costs.

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