Hymenoplasty-Procedure Overview, Cost, Recovery, Before & After

Hymenoplasty Surgery
Posted By:DR SHIVANI ATRI On 23 February 2021

The concepts of "purity and virginity" have been debatable for a long time. The truth is, the state of a woman's hymen has nothing related to sexual activity as the hymen may get broken in many ways such as strenuous exercising. Hymenoplasty surgery should always be a personal choice.

Table of Contents

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  1. What is hymenoplasty surgery?
  2. Causes of hymen breakage
  3. Who is the right candidate for hymenoplasty?
  4. Hymen Reconstruction Procedures
  5. Recovery and Precautions
  6. Cost of Hymenoplasty in India


1. What is Hymenoplasty Surgery?

What is hymenoplasty surgery? Hymenoplasty, which is also known as hymenorrhaphy and hymen reconstruction surgery, can be defined as the cosmetic repair, construction, or restoration (revirgination) of the hymen of a woman.

In the last couple of decades, human society has evolved faster than ever. However, the concept of virginity somehow still has strong personal, societal, political, and religious connotations. Truth be told, virginity can be best described as a subjective concept and it is important that it should always be a personal and informed decision, especially when it comes to opting for hymenoplasty surgery or vaginal rejuvenation surgery.

2. Causes of Hymen Breakage

Some of the possible causes of hymen breakage are:

  • Sexual activity (including penetration, masturbation, or fingering)
  • Falling on a sharp object in the bathtub, water slide, or pool
  • Sports activities such as horseback riding or cycling
  • Accidental rupture or tearing
  • Insertion of a tampon
Facts about Hymen

3. Who is The Right Candidate For Hymenoplasty?

Hymenoplasty can be a cosmetic fix for girls and women who want to reconstruct or repair their hymen. Nearly any woman who has psychological or physical reasons can get hymenoplasty.

  • Accidental rupture or tearing: Hymenoplasty surgery may be a good choice for girls and women who may have experienced hymen penetration because of tampon insertion, slipping on ice, horseback riding, or cycling.
  • Cultural beliefs: A woman may opt for hymenoplasty surgery to indicate her purity before their upcoming nuptials. In some cultures, the presence of an intact hymen is still considered a sign of purity.
  • Reclaiming control: A female is left emotionally shattered in the case of a sexual assault. She may start believing that the assault robbed her innocence and the virginal gift of an intact hymen to her future spouse. Hymenoplasty surgery may provide her with some healing and psychological comfort though it is impossible to provide her with the same physical restoration she expects.
  • Imperforate hymen: It can be described as a condition in which the hymen covers the entire vaginal opening. This is generally not discovered until a girl enters the stage of puberty and experiences blockage of the menstrual flow. It can be treated with hymenotomy, which is a form of hymenoplasty procedure, in which the flow of blood is allowed by making a minor hole in the girl's membrane.
  • Microperforate hymen: Microperforate hymen is quite similar to the imperforate hymen and is usually treated in the same way. It is characterised by a small opening that only allows menstrual flow.
  • Septate hymen: Septate hymen refers to a very rigid or thick hymen that requires hymenotomy as it impedes penile penetration or tampon use.

4. Hymen Reconstruction Procedures

Before opting for any hymen reconstruction procedure, it is important for you to have a detailed consultation with the surgeon to clear any doubts about the procedure. It is also essential to have clear, concise, and realistic expectations.

  • The Basic Technique: In this procedure, the surgeon stitches the remains of the hymen after administering general or local anaesthesia. The hymen's torn parts are sown using dissolvable stitches. The procedure lasts for about 30-40 minutes and is generally performed as a daycare procedure.
  • Hymen Reconstruction: The surgeon reconstructs the hymen by using tissues from the vagina.

Is hymenoplasty surgery painful? Hymenoplasty surgery is not painful as local/general anaesthesia is administered before the surgeon proceeds with any form of vaginal rejuvenation procedure.

5. Recovery and Precautions

The estimated hymenoplasty surgery recovery time is around 2-3 weeks. In some cases, the patient may experience mild pain or discomfort. However, these side effects can be treated with antibiotics, anti-inflammatory drugs, and pain-relieving medications. Here are some post-operative instructions that you need to follow after the procedure:

  • Public pools, toilets, saunas, and hot tubs should be avoided for at least 4-6 weeks to prevent infections.
  • Sitz bath is generally advised thrice a day for hygiene and to reduce pain.
  • Sanitary napkins may be used for 1-2 days after hymenoplasty surgery.
  • Sexual intercourse should be avoided as it will again break hymen
  • Use of tampons should be avoided
  • A patient can take a shower and use soap to clean the perineum on a daily basis. Cleaning inside or putting anything inside the vagina should be avoided.
  • Moisture should be avoided around the surgical wound so it can heal faster. For this, sanitary wipes may be used to clean the perineum region after urinary excretion, and water and gentle towelling may be used after faecal excretion.
  • Pickled food, alcoholic drinks, and smoking should be avoided for at least 2-4 weeks after hymenoplasty surgery.

6. Cost of Hymenoplasty in India

The estimated cost of hymenoplasty surgery in Delhi is approximately INR 30,000-80,000. However, the hymenoplasty surgery cost may vary from clinic to clinic as the final hymenoplasty surgery cost depends on many factors such as the expertise of the surgeon, type of hymenoplasty procedure, medications, the patient's general and overall health, etc.


The team of experienced and qualified Cosmetic and plastic surgeons at ANAYSHA Aesthetics have performed hundreds of successful vaginal rejuvenation and hymenoplasty surgery procedures. We assure you of complete confidentiality and help you know everything about the procedure right at your first consultation. Our compassionate surgeons will help you make an informed decision and will be with you throughout your journey.

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