Lip Lift: Types, Procedure, Cost, And Risk Factors

Posted By:DR SHIVANI ATRI On 26 May 2022

In the past decade, lip lift surgery became a sudden trend. However, this procedure has been around since the 1980s. A lip lift is a cosmetic procedure involving minimally invasive surgery. It is an elective surgical method, meaning, it is performed due to non-medical reasons. Fuller and pouty lips are considered the most attractive as they give your face a younger and cheery appearance. And while lip fillers and implants are the most popular ways of achieving it, lip lift surgery is a permanent solution. Below is a detailed account of the lip lift surgery types, procedure, cost, and the side effects associated with it.

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  1. What Is Lip Lift Surgery?
  2. Types Of Lip Lift Surgeries
  3. Who Can Get Lip Lift Surgery?
  4. Lip Lift Risk Factors
  5. Lip Lift Surgery Cost In India


1. What Is Lip Lift Surgery?

Lip lift surgery is an in-office procedure involving making a few tiny incisions and stitches. The principle behind the procedure is decreasing the span of the philtrum, the gap between the base of the nose and the upper lip. To do this, the surgeon makes tiny incisions and removes small patches of the skin in the philtrum region as required. Then, they suture up the region, pulling the vermilion border, the lip border formed by the pink-colored tissue, in the process. This gives the vermilion part of your lips an uplifted, fuller, and slightly pouty appearance.

2. Types Of Lip Lift Surgerie

The incisions and sutures in a lip lift surgery can be made in various patterns, and each of them gives a distinct result. Depending on the location and shape of the incision, lip lift procedures are classified into the following types:

  1. Direct Vermilion

    Also known as the gullwing lip lift method, this procedure gives you a well-defined lip line, called the vermilion border.
    During the procedure, the surgeon removes a small patch of skin in the shape of a flying seagull from right above your upper lip, near the cupid's bow. Then the skin along the lip line of the region is pulled slightly upward and sutured.
    This results in a pronounced vermilion which gives your lips a fuller look. The direct vermilion procedure leaves a small scar near the upper lip region at the area of the incision. However, the scar starts lightening in two weeks and is barely noticeable.

  2. Subnasal Bullhorn

    This is the most common approach to performing lip lift surgery. It gives your lips the trending pouty appearance.
    The method involves making incisions along the base of your nose in the shape of the horns of a bull, hence the name. Then, the surgeon sutures up the incisions by pulling the skin from the left corner, center, and right corner of your lips.
    This gives your upper lips an uplifted, defined, and pouty look. You will have scars at the site of the incision but they'll lighten over time. Also, since the incisions are along the base of your nose, they will be partly hidden and barely noticeable.

  3. Central Lip Lift

    This method is very similar to the subnasal bullhorn procedure. Only, here, the incision is deeper and is made inside the mucosa of the nose. Hence, the scar is even less noticeable than the previous method, or not noticeable at all.
    Only the skin at the central portion of the upper lip, including the cupid's bow and the flanking region, is sutured to the incision. This makes the cupid's bow more prominent and makes your lip look fuller.

  4. Corner Lip Lift

    This method is also called drool grooves correction because it is best suited to people with downturned lips. Similar to the subnasal bullhorn method, corner lip lift also involves making incisions and removing skin patches along the base of the nose. However, here only the skin near the left and right corners of the lips is sutured to the incision.
    This lifts the corners of your lips, giving them a natural smiley curve when at rest, and making you look more approachable and friendly.

  5. Italian Lip Lift

    This method of the lip lift is an improved version of the previous techniques. Like the subnasal bullhorn procedure, this approach also makes incisions along the base of your nose. However, the surgeon would make only two small crescent-shaped incisions below each nostril. This, as a result, leaves a very subtle or no noticeable scar.
    The Italian lip lift method makes your cupid's bow more prominent and highlights the vermilion border of your lips, making them look fuller.

3. Who Can Get Lip Lift Surgery?

Lip lift surgery is a good option for you if you want to:

  • enhance the appearance of their upper lip
  • improve your smile
  • reduce the philtrum area
  • create a balance between the shapes and sizes of your upper and lower lips
  • lip fillers don't give you the desired results
  • get permanent results

There is no particular age restriction for undergoing this surgery. However, dermatologists and cosmetologists advise it only for people above 18 to 20 years of age as at a young age the face undergoes many natural changes. Also, avoid this procedure or consult with a doctor if you have diabetes or any other condition that obstructs the body's natural healing process.

4. Lip Lift Risk Factors

Like any other surgical procedure, there are certain risk factors associated with the lip lift surgery too. The most common ones include:

  • scarring
  • improper wound healing
  • nerve damage
  • blood loss (during or after the surgery)
  • allergic reaction toward anesthesia

The most important factor to prevent any side effects is getting the procedure done by a board-certified dermatological surgeon or cosmologist. Also, you need to take proper precautions for lip lift before and after the surgery as instructed by your doctor. Some pre-surgical precautions include quitting smoking and alcohol consumption at least two weeks before the surgery. Some important post-surgical precautions include full rest for 24 hours, no smoking or drinking alcohol, avoiding sleeping on the face, regularly cleaning the incisions as instructed, and taking all the prescribed medications on time.

5. Lip Lift Surgery Cost In India

The cost of lip lift surgery in India depends on numerous factors including the city or region you're getting the surgery, the professional's expertise, the hospital or clinic, and the method of lip lift surgery. On average, the cost of lip lift surgery in India varies between 30,0000 to 1 lakh INR.

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