What to Expect from Breast Lift Surgery?

Breast lift cost in india what to expect from a breast lift surgery
Posted By:DR SHIVANI ATRI On 24 Sep 2021

The prominence of mastopexy or breast lift surgery is growing at an exponential rate. The procedure doesn’t necessarily reduce the breast size but effectively helps make the appearance of the saggy breasts tauter. Some patients undergo the procedure in conjunction with breast reduction or breast augmentation to correct the size and appearance of their breasts to their expectations.

If you are tired of saggy and de-shaped breasts and keep wondering how to reduce breast size for a more comfortable life, a breast lift is an ideal surgery to consider.

This article will discuss everything you need to know about mastopexy or breast lift surgery and the results you can expect from it.

Table of Contents

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  1. Weekly Recovery Procedure Before/After Breast Lift Surgery
  2. Pain Management after Breast Lift Surgery
  3. Tips for Quick Recovery
  4. Breast Lift Surgery Cost in Delhi


1. Weekly Recovery Procedure Before/After Breast Lift Surgery

The primary objective behind patients considering a breast lift surgery is due to either of the three reasons:

Pregnancy – During pregnancy, the ligaments supporting the breasts stretch while the breasts become fuller and heavier to eventually support lactation.

Weight fluctuations – Drastic changes to one’s weight reflects on the breast skin, which stretches and makes it saggy.

Gravity – With age and over time, gravity can cause the ligaments in the breasts to stretch, causing misshapen breasts.

Whatever the reason be, considering undergoing breast lift surgery requires extensive preparation. We have broken down the important steps and factors that you’d need to consider after consulting a breast doctor specialist.

Before the Surgery

During the First Consultation

Preparing for a breast lift surgery starts with a detailed consultation with the surgeon. Your plastic surgeon will not just review your medical history but also discuss your expectations and objectives behind undergoing the procedure.

The initial consultation involves:

  • Reviewing the patient’s medical history to get an idea about any lingering acute or chronic condition that needs to be looked after.
  • A physical examination is done by the plastic surgeon to determine the shape of the breasts, placement of the nipples and what can be done to correct the same according to the patient’s expectations.
  • The patient gets to have their queries clarified and discuss all their expectations from the surgery to help the surgeon draw out a treatment and surgical plan accordingly.

Two Weeks Prior to the Surgery

Once the initial consultation has been done and the surgeon has given a tentative date for the surgery, the next thing to do is get all the lab work completed. Some of them include:

  • Getting routine blood work done to check for undiagnosed bleeding disorders or other issues that could hinder the patient’s recovery after the surgery.
  • Undergo a mammogram to rule out any signs of breast cancer or similar tumors or nodules that might interfere with the surgery.
  • Also, maintaining a healthy weight during these two weeks to the surgery is important. Any kind of drastic changes to the weight will alter the breast’s shape further and impose issues to the surgical plan.

One week to a Day Before the Surgery

Besides the routine tests, your cosmetic surgeon will also advise a few lifestyle changes to follow religiously before the surgery. Some of them include:

  • Avoid smoking and drinking alcohol for at least a week to 10 days before the surgery. Smoking especially restricts the blood flow to the skin, thereby delaying the healing process.
  • Medications like anti-inflammatories, blood thinning agents and medical supplements need to be stopped a week before the surgery.

After the Surgery

1-2 weeks after the Surgery

Recovery after a breast lift surgery can vary from patient to patient. Some people heal quickly while some can take more time.

  • Just after the surgery, the patient’s breast will be covered in gauze and a surgical support bra for a week or two to hold the newly reconstructed breast placement.
  • Small draining tubes are often attached to get rid of excess blood and fluids from the surgical site to prevent any risks of infection.
  • Swelling and bruising is common in the first two weeks of recovery, which will eventually go down as you recover and heal from the surgery.
  • You will feel pain and tenderness around the breasts and the incisions but make sure you take the prescribed medications during the first two weeks.
  • Your surgeon will advise sleeping on the back to reduce pressure and strain on the surgical site and prevent opening the sutures.
  • The drainage tubes are generally removed after a few days when you go for a follow-up appointment with the surgeon.
  • Your surgeon will also advise wearing the support bra for the first few days to a week to support the newly constructed placement of the breasts.

2-6 weeks after the surgery

Besides the initial aftercare for recovery, there are a few long-term objectives that the patients need to be mindful of.

  • Avoid sexual activities for at least 2-3 weeks after the surgery to ensure optimal and complete healing of the incision.
  • Your surgeon will guide you about the basic activities and when to resume them. These include showering, shampooing and the lot.
  • Experiencing numbness around the nipples is common and the same may last for up to 6 weeks.
  • Any kind of heavy and strenuous physical activity is off the charts, especially for up to 4-5 weeks.
  • Also, avoid direct sun exposure on the stitches while they are healing.
  • It is always best to have an open discussion with your surgeon about the stitches and when you can get them removed.

2. Pain Management after Breast Lift Surgery

If you are wondering what to expect after a breast lift surgery, pain and swelling are two common markers.

Like any other invasive surgery involving incisions and sutures, even this cosmetic procedure requires pain management approaches to tend to the pain and discomfort.

Some of the common consequences that you will likely experience after the surgery include:

  • Pain around the surgical site
  • Swelling and tenderness around the breasts
  • Nipple numbness
  • Scarring around the breasts
  • Reduced sensation around the breasts and nipples till complete recovery

Despite what you might be feeling, your surgeon will assure you that it's normal. The lingering pain is normal and nothing that you need to be worried about.

Generally, the surgeon prescribes a range of analgesic medications along with antibiotics to be taken after the surgery to manage the pain and reduce the risks of infection. Your responsibility is to take those medications on time to prevent any rough side effects.

3. Tips for Quick Recovery

Most of the patients undergoing breast lift surgery expect immediate changes to the appearance of their breasts. And, that is exactly what happens. Following the surgery, your surgeon will help you with a mirror to see the changes to your breast’s appearance.

However, the satisfying feeling of the transformed look is often clouded when it comes to recovery. Besides the medication, there are some important aftercare tips that every patient needs to follow.

  • Make sure you have an open conversation with your surgeon after the surgery and once you are in recovery. This is where you get a summarized rundown of all the aftercare tips.
  • Taking the medications on time is crucial. From antibiotics to analgesics, your surgeon will write you a prescription to help with the healing and recovery process.
  • Hydration is key in the recovery process, so make sure you are drinking 6-8 glasses of water while healing from the surgery.
  • Start introducing more nutrients to the meals with vegetables, fruits and balanced micro and macro nutrients.
  • Avoid touching or poking at the bandages, even if they are itching. Any kind of sudden touch can risk infections or reopening of a stitch, leading to delayed healing.
  • While it is important to wear a support bra, the rest of the attire should be loose and flowy, instead of being constricting to the body.
breast lift cost in india what to expect from breast lift surgery

4. Breast Lift Surgery Cost in Delhi

The breast lift surgery cost in Delhi generally starts from INR 80,000 and can go as high as INR 2,00,000 or more.

The cost varies depending on the:

  • Extent of the surgery and if one breast or both breasts need reconstruction
  • Charges of the cosmetic surgeon performing the surgery
  • Charges levied by the clinic or hospital
  • City the surgery is done in

More than the costs, the patients need to choose a reliable clinic and an experienced surgeon to perform the surgery. Any mistakes during the surgery can end up affecting the shape and appearance of the breasts, something that is nothing short of a nightmare for the patients.

Takeaway :-

Undergoing breast lift surgery requires a lot of understanding and planning. One thing patients need to realize is that the results of a breast lift surgery aren’t completely permanent. As one ages, the skin becomes looser and more attuned to sagging, especially in women with larger and fuller breasts.

ANAYSHA Aesthetics is the best cosmetic and plastic surgery clinic in Delhi offering breast lift surgery to help patients live a life of comfort and confidence. If you are looking to get the body of your dreams, schedule a consultation today.

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