Things To Consider Before Choosing A Hair Transplant Surgeon

Choosing A Hair Transplant Surgeon
Posted By:DR SHIVANI ATRI On 22 March 2021

The concept of hair transplantation has been prevalent for more than 60 years. Whatever might be the reason for your baldness, it is essential for you to perform comprehensive research about your hair transplant surgeon. Every hair restoration clinic offering hair transplant surgery options claims to be the best. However, you can dig out the relevant information by spending some quality time on your research.

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  1. Surgeon’s Academic profile and Expertise
  2. Years of experience
  3. Clinical Facilities and Latest technologies used
  4. Before and after pictures
  5. Aftercare and support
  6. Patients’ online reviews


1. Surgeon’s Academic Profile and Expertise :-

If you’re seeking a hair transplant surgery, it is important to select a cosmetic surgeon who has an M. Ch. (Magister Chirurgiae in Latin or the Master of Surgery in English) degree. You should not hesitate to enquire about the board certifications, medical college, degrees, and expertise of the surgeon.

Remember that you are paying the surgeon with your hard-earned money and it is your right and responsibility to never settle for less.

2. Years of Experience :-

It is very important for you to focus on the years of experience and skills of the hair transplant surgeon before you decide to proceed with the hair transplant surgery. You must also have a close look at the number of successful hair transplant surgeries performed by the surgeon, the number of years the surgeon has exclusively dedicated to hair transplantation, the type of hair transplant methods practised by the specialist, and how many of the surgeries performed were complex and challenging surgeries. This will help you build a clear opinion on whether the hair transplant surgeon can treat your hair loss or baldness.

Questions for Hair Transplant Surgeon

3. Clinical Facilities and Latest Technologies Used :-

The clinic of the hair transplant surgeon must be fully-equipped with the latest technologies and equipment. Ideally, the clinic of the hair transplant surgeon must have state-of-the-art infrastructure and a safe and hygienic environment. You should have a close look at the operation theater and medical facilities at the clinic to make sure that you would be in safe hands. It is also suggested that you should have a word on how the clinic plans to keep the premises, patients, and visitors protected against challenging times and circumstances.

The clinic must follow the general principles of infection prevention and control and should emphasise on disaster preparedness and the principles of equity and health. It should have a strict hygiene policy to combat COVID-19 and other severe health complications. The hair restoration clinic should make it compulsory for every visitor to the clinic to wear a face cover or medical mask to prevent the transmission of COVID-19 from asymptomatic or pre-symptomatic individuals.

4. Before and After Pictures :-

You should ask for different before & after photographs of patients who have been treated by the hair transplant surgeon in the past. It is important for you to pay close attention to the pictures to ensure they are from the same clinic, gallery, or website.

You may consult our hair transplant surgeon at ANAYSHA Aesthetics regarding expectations around a hair transplant surgery and they would be happy to guide you with all your queries and concerns.

5.Aftercare and Support :-

All reputed hair restoration clinics take great pride in their stellar preoperative and post-operative care. This means that the clinic assures patients that they would be cared for and can expect 100 percent satisfaction with hair transplant surgery. It is important that the clinic you choose also offers the same assurance and substantiates them with facts.

Moreover, the clinic should help you choose the best form of hair restoration procedures. For instance, it should help you decide whether to opt for FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction), FUT (Follicular Unit Transplant), or any other procedure. It should also communicate the advantages and disadvantages of these procedures and should help you discover who are the best candidates for these hair restoration procedures.

We at ANAYSHA Aesthetics believe in 100 per cent transparency around the complete process and do apprise you about responsibilities of all stakeholders associated with the surgery. You may contact us for any enquiry around hair transplant surgery and we would support you with the right advice and counselling needed.

6. Patients’ Online Reviews :-

It is important for patients opting for a hair transplant surgery to ask for the contact details of at least 5-6 patients whom the surgeon attended. You may have a word with these patients to find out their experiences with the hair transplant surgeon and the support team.

You may even personally meet some of these patients, especially those who have similar grades of baldness as you may have. These discussions would go a long way to ensure that you make an informed decision, and not an influenced decision. It would also ensure that you have a clear and complete understanding of what to expect before, during, and after the hair transplant surgery.

It is also advised that you should check reviews of the surgeon's patients of the past. For this, you may make an online search on different platforms to access unbiased patient reviews.

Access more details about the best and most affordable hair restoration procedure and know more about the estimated cost of hair transplant surgery in Delhi.


Hair transplant surgery is a complex and specialised procedure and therefore you should only trust the best hair transplant surgeon in Delhi. Call ANAYSHA Aesthetics nd have a word with our hair transplant surgeon to know more about the hair transplant surgery.

At ANAYSHA Aesthetics , you may trust the surgeons who have years of experience with expertise in their respective fields.

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